Venice, I’m Gondola Miss You






Upon my arrival in Venice, my Airbnb host told me that the best way to see Venice was to “get lost.” He then handed me a paper map with “in case of only emergencies” printed on the outside.

To be completely honest, I used the map more than I would ever admit to him, but I don’t even think it helped me get around.

The streets in the island of Venice are not streets at all. They’re narrow sidewalks – hundreds of these tiny sidewalks, and the actual streets are canals navigated by vaporettos (water buses), water taxis and gondolas. I had expected all of this, but I had no idea that there would actually be 0 land transportation beside my own two feet.

But my God, am I so glad that was the case. Venice was so different from the rest. Instead of the abundance of history in the other cities, I felt like the sights were just so consuming, and it was by far the most romantic city in Italy. Traveling on the water was my favorite part, so I bought an unlimited 72 hour water bus pass, which was the best decision I made. While I think it would have been beautiful to ride a gondola through the canals, I wasn’t thrilled about the $50 per person thing.

An hour and a half ride via water bus from San Marco, I visited Burano, an small island off of Venice. It’s a town known for its lace making and its history in fishing. The houses were all painted differently in bright colors so that the fishermen could look from their boats and recognize their homes. This made for some pretty photos hehehehe

Venice is touristy, yet so easy to get away from crowds in the tiny, secluded alleyways. The sun is hot, but the waterfront breeze is perfect. Good restaurants are not as abundant as Rome, but the seafood is divine. Venice was a truly beautiful and unique experience in which I encourage everyone to get immersed if ever the opportunity to travel to Italy arises.

Next Stop: Milano, Italia. Stay tuned for my next post!

Thanks for doing life with moi!



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