Philadelphia and New York

It started at midnight with three girls in one car. Twelve hours and four pit stops later, we finally arrived in Philadelphia, PA. The overnight drive from Augusta, GA was brutal, but we freaking made it to Ester’s summer home. Olivia and I just tagged along to help with the drive and the move, and we made the very most of our time there. Although I have been to Philly (many times as a child and a few times as a teen), I didn’t remember much. Really exploring the city for the first time was so easy with some suggestions from a friend (Thank you, Emily!) and with so much time on our hands.

Traveling this summer has made me realize how much I love history and how important the history of a place is to me… and there’s no where better to learn about our country’s history than the place where it all started. Ok, so we didn’t see all the historical landmarks and sites that we probably should have, but it was still so cool to explore a big, modern city so rich with history and small town charm. Art was everywhere we looked, whether it was a commissioned mural or street art, and we took full advantage of these prime photo backdrops. I think it’s safe to say we fell in love with Philly real quick, and I’m for sure going back for Yogorino and Cheez Whiz (because the only time I’ll ever eat Cheez Whiz is on a philly cheesesteak).

Yes. New York. Again. I know. I was just there, but I really just can’t stay away for too long. I love this city, and there’s never enough time in one trip to do everything I want to do… so I just keep going 🙂 Ester had her internship orientation for a couple days. Meanwhile, Olivia and I took a Megabus to New York. I highly recommend this if you’re traveling on a budget. It’s so inexpensive, and it’s really not as sketchy as you might think. One thing I do not highly recommend is going to New York on a cold, rainy day. It foiled a lot of our plans for the day, but we made the most of it after buying two tiny $15 umbrellas from Duane Reade. Yeah, I’m still mad about it, tbh. When the rain would take short pauses, we explored the streets of Soho. Otherwise, we found shelter where we could, including Joe’s Shanghai, where the soup dumplings hit the spot (especially because of how cold it was). A short and sweet day trip could’ve been more fun under better circumstances, but we weren’t really in control of those circumstances. So we sucked it up, bought FIFTEEN DOLLAR umbrellas and took on The City. Rain or shine, New York is still my fave.

Thanks for doing life with moi!


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