Don’t Say the G Word



Graduation is in less than a week, and to say I’m freaking out would be the greatest understatement of my life thus far. It’s the most overwhelming thing because unlike ever before (on top of finals), there’s job searching, and college, our only safety net, is pretty much over. Accepting that life, time and my parents are all expecting me to adult before I even feel ready has been such a challenge.

I thought graduating high school was hard. Moving out and starting life without my parents was emotional. Walking out of the ever so nurturing halls of Lakeside High was scary. The worst part was leaving a small town where I knew so many people and so many people knew me – to a college town where I became just a speck out of the tens of thousands of students. I wanted so badly to hold onto my past – my home, my comfort zone.

But thank God I moved on.

The University of Georgia wasn’t my first choice, but honestly, I didn’t really have any choice. It was the only school I applied to because I knew I had to stay in state (bc Hope scholarship saves lives), and there was no way in hell I was on my way to become an engineer. Now looking back? For having no choice at all, I’ve had the time of my life, and if given the choice to actually have a choice, I’d still come here.

In four short years, the University of Georgia became my new home and my new comfort zone. This is where I grew up and where I met my best friends (and future bridesmaids). With tears in my eyes (THIS IS MY FIRST TIME CRYING ABOUT GRADUATION OMG), I can’t seem to type up the right words or enough words to sum up my years as a Bulldawg, so here’s a list of what I’ll miss about being a UGA student until the day I die.

  1. Georgia Football. There is nothing finer in the land than Georgia Football, and My God, is there nothing truer than that statement!!!!! It’s that anxiousness as the porta-potties start showing up the Friday before a game. It’s that feeling you get when you’re tailgating for a huge home game and you see your fellow students, parents, old people and babies all here for your school. It’s standing in Sanford in a sea of red and the chills you get every damn time Todd Gurley makes a touchdown. I seriously can’t wait to bring my kids one day.
  2. The community. I’ll definitely miss seeing my friends everyday, but I’ll probably still see them post-grad. What I’ll miss more are the people I don’t hang out with everyday – that girl I met in the bathroom of Whiskey freshman year or the guy I had Dinosaur class with one semester. I’m gonna miss those people I rarely see, the ones I run into at Tate every couple of months and only get to talk to for a couple minutes.
  3. The faculty and staff. The professor who gave the class his cell phone number on syllabus day just in case we needed someone to bail us out of jail. The advisor who remembered every single one of our names. Shout out to Victoria Cooper.
  4. Spring Parties. Not just because I get an excuse to day drink but because spring parties are the one single place you will run into almost everyone you know. Also because they’re basically free rap concerts PLUS food trucks.
  5. Dt. Name a college town with more bars, no cover fees and cheaper drinks. I’ll wait.
  6. The small things and the stupid things. Like accidentally getting on the Family Housing bus as a freshman and somehow ending up in Atlanta (exaggeration, I know). Like free t-shirts from housing fairs and basketball games. Like all nighters in the SLC (that we spent not even studying). Like mistaking my 810 for my social security number.
  7. The traditions. The Arch. The Chapel Bell. Herty Fountain. The Dawg Walk. Bolton at 7 (old Bolton, to specify, which has now been reduced to a gravel parking lot) with Ester, Esther, Jane and Minji.

So here’s to a new chapter. Go dawgs!!

Thanks for doing life with moi!

Dress is from American Threads. Shoes are from Steve Madden. Photos taken by Howard Ki.



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