Not Feelin’ Myself

If you’re a real friend (kidding, not kidding) and keep up with my blog, you’ve probably realized I haven’t posted an #ootd in a few weeks.

It’s been a bumpy and strange couple of weeks, and I know bloggers are always supposed to have a queue of posts ahead of time and ready to launch for these kinds of weeks. Sadly, I don’t. I’ve been shooting, editing and writing for each of my outfits week by week (mostly because Georgia’s weather is so bipolar), and there’s no way I’d be able to post accurate representations of what I wore that week if I shot ahead of time.

Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve done my best to keep being consistent and posting on a regular basis, and when I didn’t post last week, I was mad at myself. But now I’m kind of glad I didn’t. If I had whipped up a cute outfit for a last minute post, it also wouldn’t be an accurate representation.

I’m not gonna lie. My Instagram posts are kind of good, and my life is pretty fun. And…as a Public Relations major, putting my best foot forward has been ingrained into everything I do. In classes, we’re taught to put up what looks good and what makes me look good, whether that’s on social media or even in real life interactions and conversations.

But tbh, life isn’t always so Instagram picture perfect. I’m not Kylie Jenner who graces our Insta feeds with pics of an always glamorous and consistently fabulous life. It’s not always fancy brunches, flawless hair and makeup or perfectly pieced outfits for me.

I have off days, even off weeks. I just don’t feel like getting dressed up and made up to take pictures. I know it sounds like I’m making up excuses for getting lazy or forgetting to post, but it’s just ze truth. I’m okay with feeling like I let myself down as long as I know that I’m not sharing a lie.

So if you’re a real friend and you keep up with my blog, I’m sorry for the lack of content lately. I’ll make up for it!! Get ready to see some kickass content from my New York trip next week. YEEEEEEET!

Thanks for doing life with moi!




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