Sunday with Crystal


Sundays usually mean my #ootds, but this Sunday means Crystal’s #ootd. I spent this weekend in Atlanta with my best friend for her birthday, and although she has no clue about this, I’m so excited to show her outfit off on my blog.

It’s been nine years since we first became friends, and she is easily one of the most stylish people in my life. She’s always one of my top inspirations and my favorite person to shop with. Her style is simple but never boring. It’s laid back but always sophisticated. It’s both girly and edgy but still so effortless.

Her wardrobe must-haves include an oversized denim jacket, a black bomber jacket and a pair of high waisted black skinny jeans. You’ll almost always catch her in black, but lucky for y’all, her outfit today was a little more colorful. (I guess she read my New Years Fashion Resolutions)

The sweater is from Madewell, and I think it’s called a “Snowglobe Bobble Sweater,” which is a rather fitting name because of the little dots of yarn. This scarf from Zara is a huge staple in her closet. Marshall’s comes in clutch with the pleated midi skirt and always with a great price. Shoes from Steve Madden + the mini bag from Rebecca Minkoff.

I’m so obsessed with her outfit and truthfully so obsessed with our friendship. She loves me, cares for me and most importantly, she prays for me.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but who needs diamonds when I have Crystal.

Thanks for doing life with moi!


4 thoughts on “Sunday with Crystal

  1. Rachel Ahn says:

    Wow I love your blogging style. Also her hair. Can you ask her how/what tools she uses to curl her hair? I’m having such a hard time curling my new unfamiliar short hair.


    1. life with Joie says:

      Thanks so much Rachel 🙂 Right?! Her hair is so pretty and long. She uses a 1.25 inch curler and alternates the direction of the curls. And I know exactly what you mean. I just cut my hair a couple months ago, and I haven’t gathered up the courage to try to experiment with curls yet!


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