Meet the BFFs



Once upon a time, in a land far far away full of golf carts and green jackets, there were four young girls who had known each other since Hitclips were invented. Life was fun for them until a girl from Florida moved to their hometown of Augusta, GA. Then…life became so much better. Or so I’d like to think…

In 2008, when I moved to Augusta, I (more or less) forced myself into a friend group of four girls with personalities out of this world. Even though some were more accepting of me than others (*cough cough Ester*), I’ve never been more glad that I started doing life with the most eclectic group of girls who have fearlessly stood by me through every season of life.

At our annual Christmas sleepover, over some wine and cheese, I made everyone write a word or two about each friend. Here’s what everyone said:

Joy – Bold, Charming, Blair Waldorf, Chriselle Lim
Jessica – Extra, Extra, Waffle House, Extra (I’ll throw another one in there since 3 are the same – Carefree)
Ester – Compassionate, Irreplaceable, Bella the Cat, Crazy Cat Lady
Esther – Adventurous, Resourceful, Loves Goodwill, Crafty
Crystal – Sloth, Motherly, Genuine, Unpredictable 

My favorite part about doing life with these girls is seeing how different we all are and how uniquely we click with one another. There’s always a different response from each of us no matter what happens. So thankful for these girls and eternally grateful for dynamic friendships.


Merry Christmas ❤ and Thanks for doing life with moi!



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