City Chic


If you’ve read my All White Everything post, you had to see this one coming. Black is classic, slimming and, of course, it’s so New York. Ok yes, I just used New York as an adjective, but I’m going to pretend like that’s allowed because I’m so excited to say… Flights and Airbnb are booked, and it’s official. I’m going to New York for spring break!

Come March, I’ll be in The City living out all my Gossip Girl dreams with two of my best friends Crystal and Ester.

It’s been two years since I’ve been in The City that Never Sleeps. Since that trip, I’ve realized that there is nothing more inspiring for a fashion lover than walking up and down the island of concrete jungles and people watching. The streets are quite literally runways, and every facet of each building is some kind of masterpiece.

There is no city in this country more cultured and overwhelmingly full of art than The Big Apple. 

The trip is still three month away, but do not fret. In due time, I will report back with all details!!!

My outfit is a stitched sweater from Gap, distressed black denim from Aqua, lace up flats by Steve Madden, oversized scarf from Old Navy (YEP OLD NAVY) and lastly, my trusty Q Natasha bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs.

I try to pay attention to and play with a lot of texture and small details when pulling off any monochromatic outfit. Small things like the stitch detailing on the sweater, the white scarf to lighten up the look and the laces on the shoes can really play a big role in a simple outfit.

Thanks for doing life with moi!

Photos taken by Esther Kim



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