Paris et Moi

456321Paris Fashion Week came to a close last week. You know what that means? That means we’re back to seeing baby Chloe on Chriselle’s snapchat stories, and for fashion lovers, it means it’s time to marvel at and be inspired by the stunning pieces crafted and gifted to us by the fashion gods aka designers.

When I watch really good runway shows, I’m truly amazed by what humans are able to imagine and bring to life. Not only the clothes, but the creativity of the themes and the sets. Someone once said that good art is supposed to make you feel, and in the same way, I think fashion and good designs are supposed to make you feel (TBT to the first time I went to Bergdorfs and teared up in the shoe department).

I don’t believe fashion is as superficial as many people think it is. I think people who truly appreciate fashion spend their money on pieces that may be really expensive because they find value in it. The same reason someone might spend a huge sum on Van Gogh or Manet.

Fashion may not be the same thing as art, but it is still more than the idea that anyone who appreciates fashion is a materialistic snob.

With all that being said, my outfit this week is inspired by Parisian style, which is known to feature a lot of black and white, stripes and simplicity.

I wore a black pinafore dress over a striped off-the-shoulder shirt from H&M. The dress was a thrift store find!!!! In a college town, it’s not hard to find good pieces at the local Goodwill or downtown thrift store/secondhand store because 1. Students are poor and always trying to get rid of clothes for money. 2. College students forget to pick up their dry cleaning, and the clothes end up being donated to Goodwill.

I finished the outfit with a bandana scarf from Madewell, which is one of my favorite trends right now. And the booties are Dolce Vita. 

Thanks for doing life with moi!



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