7/2/16 Canoe

This is long overdue, but I’m still going to write a post about Canoe because the experience and food is worth writing about.

For my early birthday date, my boyfriend took me to Canoe in Atlanta. We wanted an early dinner so we could enjoy the nice weather outside, sit by the river and take pictures.

To start off, the server brings around a bread basket with several different selections. We got to try the spicy flatbread (not pictured), the sourdough and the olive bread. My favorite was probably the olive bread that has actual pieces of olive in it, but I loved the idea that the bread basket had a type of bread for anyone/everyone to enjoy.

For our appetizer, we had kangaroo. I was really excited about this even before we got there, and it for sure met my expectations. The peppered meat, the savory sauce and the sweet potato…….ugh….so perfectly balanced.

Our entrees of lamb and rabbit followed. I can’t say much about the lamb chop because I had only a couple of bites, but the rabbit……………………LITERALLY I CANT. So heavenly. It just melted in my mouth……………It was so tender and juicy. It was in a candied garlic jus, which was obviously sweet but not too sweet, and the ravioli was a great pairing.

For dessert, we got their signature Popcorn Ice Cream Sundae with their homemade Cracker Jack in lieu of a birthday cake. They even had a candle melted on the plate! But if I’m being honest, the presentation was probably better than the actual dessert. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had much of a sweet tooth, but I felt like the combination of everything (ice cream, caramel, cracker jack) was just way too sweet. You know when you eat too much sugar and your throat kind of hurts. It was kind of like that, and the cracker jack was way too hard to bite. My poor gums.

After dinner, we walked off the back porch and towards the river, where they have an outdoor bar and a garden-like area with porch chairs and benches overlooking the Chattahoochee. This was my favorite part about the restaurant (besides the rabbit).

With all that said, I highly recommend this place for special dates! It is a bit pricey for a college kid budget, but the views, atmosphere and food are absolutely worth it. Do it, and in case I haven’t advocated enough, get the rabbit.

Disclaimer: The last picture isn’t from Canoe. Brian and I like to drive around aimlessly in Atlanta for our hobby, and we found these views in a really classy apartment building in Vinings. Random fact: that yellow house in the middle of all the green is Tyler Perry’s house.

Pictures taken from iPhone 6s

Thanks for doing life with moi!


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