Comfy and Confident


Much like my outfit today, I had a really chill week/weekend.

The past few weeks have been so busy as I’m juggling classes, two jobs and studying for the GRE. I just found myself really overworked and lashing out on the people around me. But Thank God for good friends (Olivia lol) who call you out on being a b-tch because it really was just what I needed. A friend to tell me to stop taking out my stress on other people and then tell me that I needed to set aside time for myself.

So I did. Right after that pep talk, I got a deep tissue massage and had wine night with my girlfriends.  The weekend followed with a bff date in Atlanta, a spontaneous double date to a Braves game and finally, cheering on the Dawgs between the hedges on Saturday.

It’s already Sunday, but I feel like I got a good weekend of R&R to prepare me for another busy week.

My #ootd this Sunday consists of two pieces from Madewell. Madewell is well known for their denim, and I think the comfort and look of these boyfriend jeans are a testament to how well they are made. Punny? The shirt, I feel like, is one of their classic pieces, but I finally got it on SALE a couple weeks back. V happy about that.

Tote is from Banana Republic, and the shoes are, of course, none other than my Adidas Stan Smith sneakers.

Life is so hard, and sometimes you find yourself sitting at your work desk crying because you’re questioning life and asking “Am I doing this all wrong?” (Actually happened to me this week, and my boss walked in. It was really awkward. I pretended like I was yawning to justify the tears streaming down my face lol)

Anyways, yeah, that happens sometimes, but it’s so important to take a time out and treat yourself. Without this weekend as a time out, I probably would have had a worse week this next week. But now that I feel like I had some good me time, I’m pretty confident that next week will be so much more productive and easier to get through.

SUPER LONG POST…but with all that being said, have a victorious week, everyone!

Thanks for doing life with moi!



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