All White Everything


New York fashion is known for the love of black, and New York fashion designers are known for making appearances at the end of their runway shows in all black.

I read somewhere once that New Yorkers wear black because they are not tourists watching a show. They’re behind the scenes with the band, and that band is New York.

And while I do love New York and I do love black, today I chose white. New York fashionista and one of my biggest fashion inspirations, Olivia Palermo is often photographed in, you guessed it, all WHITE. 

So today, I started out with these shorts from Anthropologie, specifically made by Leifsdottir. I haven’t really had a chance to wear them much, but I think they’re so pretty because of the pleating. Also, the bow detail is a really cute touch, but I like that if I wanted to abandon the girliness of the piece, I definitely could remove the belt.

The perforated top is from Banana Republic, and I think it adds a lot of texture to the outfit. Monochrome can be done flat, but I think it’s also really fun to play with textures.

As for shoes, you can always do any pop of color with monochromatic outfits and not have to worry about clashing colors. But today, I went with a neutral taupe shoe from Vince Camuto, which are probably one of the most comfortable heeled shoes I’ve ever worn. Because the heel is so chunky and low, I could run in these if I had to.

Sometimes I ditch the bag and take only the necessities when I’m going out, and today, that happens to be just my phone and wallet. Phone by Apple. Wallet by Prada.

Accessorized by Argento VivoMarc by Marc Jacobs and Banana Republic.

Black will always be the new black, but choose white for a light and polished summer look.

Thanks for doing life with moi!


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