Forever Young

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In a couple years, it probably won’t be appropriate for me to wear short skirts anymore, but here’s this outfit while I’m still young.

I’m back in Athens for school, and it’s been nearing 100 degrees this week. So naturally, to keep cool, I put on this skirt from Brandy Melville my friend April (who also took these pictures) bought me. Thanks April!!!! This T-shirt from Zara is one of my favorite pieces lately because it’s so versatile. I’ve been wearing it with everything and anything for any and all occasions. Plus, it’s so fitting for the title of today’s post. One of my favorite things to do with this J. Crew gingham button up shirt is tying it around my waist just to add something different to a very simple outfit.

To further add to this super simple and cool outfit, another appearance by my Adidas Stan Smith sneakers!

I thought my Marc Jacobs Q Natasha bag was appropriate for this comfy outfit because it’s less structured (like my life LOL) and kind of slouchy.

I know I featured a collar necklace in my last #ootd, but I really couldn’t resist buying another collar necklace. This new one is from Aqua, and I’m obsessed with the pearl details.

This week was my last first week of school (maybe not bc grad school), and that’s crazy. I’m actually growing up, and soon I’ll be adulting. But there’s nothing better than this outfit to remind me that I’m still only 21 and still young as hell. I can still wear short skirts, eat Waffle House at 2 A.M., and sleep in til noon (except on MWF bc 10 A.M. class).

Thanks for doing life with moi!

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