Work Hard Play Hard



As I mentioned in my last #ootd, I’ve been interning in Atlanta for a portion of the summer. A 9 to 6 job isn’t easy, but getting dressed up everyday has been a blast! Not even being sarcastic. Going to school at UGA makes it so easy to just bum everyday and wear a t-shirt with Nike shorts, but this summer has inspired me to actually try lol.

Getting dressed early in the morning really doesn’t have to be a pain. Personally, the time I spend getting ready in the morning is when I gain confidence to go about my day. Sounds cliche af…ugh, but from choosing what I wear to planning out my goals for the day, I think it’s such a crucial part of my day.

So usually I’ll start the day deciding on what top I want to wear. Today, I picked a really basic white button up from Zara for a clean, simple and fitted look. V professional. Usually I’ll wear pants to work, but for this #ootd I wanted to put together an outfit that was sporty and tomboyish. A look that’s a mix of work and play. So I paired the white shirt with a pair of black tailored shorts from Gap.

To compliment the sporty look further, I put on my trusty Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. They’re seriously like my favorite shoes… I wish I could wear these to the office everyday.

Another super important piece in my life (and in this outfit) as of late is my Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B. Tote in the Medium size. It’s called medium, but its huge. It fits my laptop, charger, wallet, planner and all my work folders/papers. It’s a cute version of a briefcase.

To complete this look and give it a tiny feminine touch, I threw on my new favorite collar necklace from Argento Vivo. I kept seeing my fashion inspiration Chriselle Lim with her collar necklace, so I HAD to buy one for myself. It’s such a versatile piece, I wear it almost everyday. It’s so hard not to. And of course, I had to put on a pair of Tory Burch sunnies bc sunny.

Waking up early for a long day of work isn’t so bad if you enjoy getting ready and getting dressed (and making money lol). Put yourself together a cute outfit that makes you look good and feel good. IT’S SO REWARDING. I promise 😉

Thanks for doing life with moi!



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