#JoieDeCalifornia: Short Recap

Usually visiting California means going on endless shopping sprees and eating at fancy restaurants with my aunt, so if we’re comparing this trip to the past few, I’d say it was a little uneventful. Because my grandparents, who get tired easily, were there, along with a 6 year old who needed to take midday naps, we weren’t able to spend a lot of time out of the house. Instead, we spent a lot of time at home.

Instead of eating at expensive restaurants, we ate amazing Korean food made by my Grandma, who might as well be a chef. Instead of shopping everyday, I was limited to two shopping days and spent more time at the beach and pool with my cousin.

I was a little bummed that I wouldn’t really have much to report about this trip, but I realized that it isn’t all about what you do. It really just matters who you’re with. Spending time with my entire mom’s side of the family was so rewarding, especially when I realized that I’m getting older and so is everyone else. My family kept reminding me how important this year’s reunion was because next year I would (hopefully) get a job after graduation, and it’d just get harder for me to schedule time. My cousin kept reminding me how it’d be harder for her to schedule time next year as well because “first grade gives more homework than kindergarten.”

Personally, spending time with family has become more gratifying with age, and I’m so glad I spent my birthday with the people who have known me for those 21 years and celebrated me every single day of those 21 years. Always remember who’s been there since Day 1.

So… Although I don’t have a lot to say about the food I ate or the things I bought, I do have some pictures of my week in California and some pictures of my cuter and smarter mini-me.


I hope you enjoyed this quick post!

Thanks for doing life with moi!


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