8 Style Rules to Live By


1. Choose quality over quantity

When I was 17, my mom made me go through my closet and throw away/donate/sell to Plato’s Closet all my clothes from Forever 21. Obviously my average teenage closet was full of Forever 21, so my closet probably shrunk by half. But that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing because from that day on, every time my mom gave me money to go shopping, she’d give me a little more than usual. She’d tell me to go get something worth the money, and that is how I shop to this day, especially when it comes to good pieces I can wear for years. You get what you pay for! I don’t have a huge closet full of clothes, but I do have a small collection of really good pieces. And I think it’s the different things I try to do with one piece or the multiple outfits I try to make with one piece that represents my personal style well.

 2. Buy clothes that fit and are the right size

This is so important, but I can say it short and sweet. I don’t care how cheap it is or how much of a sale it’s on. Do NOT buy clothes that don’t fit!!! Don’t even waste your money on something you’ll never wear because it’s too big or too small in one area.

3. Know your shape

This is one of my biggest rules that I apply to myself. I find that it’s so important to find pieces that flatter MY body. It’s difficult, and sometimes I can’t even wear trending pieces that everyone else is wearing because it just doesn’t fit. For me, personally, I have wide shoulders, a small waist, noticeably bigger hips and short legs. I’m not saying I hate those things about me, but those are some of my features that I always keep in mind when styling my outfits to accentuate my favorite features. So I’ve learned… generally, babydoll or loose tops don’t look good on me because it makes me look top heavy. Peplum or just a fitted/well tailored top is the most flattering to my waistline. High waisted and a little bit of a heel elongates my legs. It’s actually so difficult when I’m shopping, but I think putting in the time and effort to find things that fit me well is so worth it.


4. Always read the “How to Care for” tag

Thanks to Lululemon, I’ve learned that reading the tag is crucial, even if the piece isn’t from Lululemon. Wash the right way. Dry the right way. Don’t hang pieces that should be folded. Put your purses in dust bags and really nice shoes in boxes. Follow the instructions, and that could potentially double the lifespan of your pieces.


5. Stock up on basics

Somewhere along the way, the word “basic” became negative, but I love basic. If you guys keep up with my #ootds on Instagram, you’ll notice I re-wear pretty much all of my pieces in different outfits. The best thing about basic pieces is that they are the most versatile. The second best thing? People don’t really remember, so you can wear and repeat without feeling self conscious! Think about it. The girl who wore that bright pink dress last Saturday? She’s probably not going to be able to wear that for another few months without being shamed as an outfit repeater. But honestly, theres no shame in outfit repeating! Just be subtle!

6. Whatever you’re wearing under matters

Find a bra that fits you right because no one wants to see the outline of your bra under your t-shirt. I find that it really takes away from a good outfit because it’s distracting, and honestly, it’s unattractive. For the same reasons, NEVER show your bra straps. Also, I’m adamantly against VPLs (visible panty lines), so even if you think thongs are uncomfortable, get some no shows or seamless underwear. Third point – beware of sheer pieces. Make sure you stand in front of some light before you go out. Sometimes I’ll wear Nike Pro Combat compression shorts under dresses, partly to make sure no one can see my underwear and partly because it’s always good to be cautious when wearing dresses or skirts. You are not Marilyn Monroe.


7. Never underestimate the power of accessories

I will tell you the truth. I’m a bag girl. I love bags, and if I had to choose between nice bags and anything else, I’d almost always choose bags. I really really really suck at jewelry. Not only am I allergic to most jewelry/metals, but I also have so much trouble finding what kinds of jewelry should go with what kind of outfit. So on that side of style, I tend to be really minimalistic. I wear my Tiffany Co. silver band everyday without fail because I just never take it off, and usually you’ll catch me wearing a leather wrap around bracelet from Banana Republic and my Marc by Marc Jacobs watch. Lately, I’ve been wanting to step up my jewelry game because it really adds so much to an outfit. If you guys have any tips on jewelry, pls hit me up.


8. Trends are ok to follow to an extent

All you Georgians, remember when everyone wore chevron? Now who wears chevron? Okay. I think I’ve made my point.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little list of style rules to live by, but hey, let’s be real. There are no rules when it comes to personal style. You do you. So just take this as a list of suggestions I have when you’re shopping or styling an outfit!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for a travel post about my trip to California last week.

Thanks for doing life with moi!


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