Yes, I’ve created a blog, and yes, I’m back in California! I’ve been contemplating starting this blog for a while, and I realized there’s no better time than today, my 21st birthday. And there’s no better first post to kick off this blog than one about my trip to California.

I’m Joie (French for Joy, my actual name lol), and I’m inviting you to do life with moi (French for me).

Short bio – I’m an ENFP and a rising senior at the University of Georgia studying Public Relations. I love cultivating my personal style in any way, usually in the form of #ootds on Instagram and stalking my biggest fashion inspirations, Olivia Palermo and Chriselle Lim. I could spend hours looking at their outfits, but I do have a life, ok? One that entails travel too, another love of mine.

Traveling is something I fell in love with at a young age, thanks to my daddy and my 외할아버지 (Korean for maternal grandfather). Since I was a child, they both would always tell me the importance of traveling, the importance of seeing the world. They would explain to me the significance of seeing different people in different places to understand different perspectives.

My dad’s probably been to almost all 50 states, and he’s taken me to maybe 28/50. He’s the guy who can navigate the entire country without a GPS. In my 21 years of life, I’ve never seen the man get lost on any road.

My grandpa, on the other hand, has probably been to more countries than anyone I know. He’s the guy who wants to visit the Middle East in times of crises and war, and so he did. He went straight to Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, etc., and there was probably a 32% chance he could’ve died. LOL I just made that percentage up, but Guess what! He didn’t die!! So in 2012, he took my entire family, me, and my best friend to Europe for the first time. We spent a couple weeks driving around Europe – Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, and Poland. From the romance of Prague and the beauty of the Mirabell Gardens (a set on the movie Sound of Music) to the grief of Auschwitz Concentration Camp, I remember each and every feeling like it was yesterday.

I’ve no doubt inherited great things from two of the most important men in my life, and their common love for travel seems like it’s in my blood. There’s history in everything, everywhere… and at any price, it’s so important to explore, discover, and most importantly, learn.

So I’m here in California, and if you follow me on Instagram, I know it seems like I’m always here. But what can I say? This place never gets old, and I can’t help that it keeps having me come back for more. It’s like there’s always something I haven’t done or haven’t tried. I’m always here visiting my brother, aunt and uncle, but the endless amounts of sunshine, food and shopping are always huge perks! Scroll through some pics from my last two trips!

This summer’s trip is going to be a little different because I’m here with those two great men I mentioned earlier. It’s actually a family reunion – 11 of us in total, and I’m so excited to have some family time in the midst of a busy summer full of work. So stay tuned for a post featuring lots of yummy food, cute pics of my 6 year old cousin (who’s actually a baby genius), and different places I’ll be visiting.
Thanks for doing life with moi!

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